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How fast should your weekend long run be?

14 September 2018  |  By Cara Peake

How fast should your weekend long run be?

Long runs are a stable to the diet of every distance running with most runners clocking out over an hour or two every weekend. Long runs help build the muscles fuel storage (glycogen), increase the number of muscle energy makers (mitochondria) and increase the oxygen available to the muscles (myoglobin).

These are huge physiological benefits and the good news is you don't have to run flat out to reap the benefits!

Research suggests the optimal pace for a long run 55-75% of your 5km race pace. The idea being this pace should feel pretty easy and reduce the amount of fatigue but won't compromise the physiological benefits.

Running above 75% of your 5km pace has shown no more additional physiological benefit for improving your long run endurance.

So if you hit the streets for your next long run don't be afraid to turn the turbo off and enjoy the miles.

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