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Women's Health and Exercise

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Women's Health and Exercise
Women's Health and Exercise

There are many health conditions that are unique to women and the various challenges in their life. The most obvious are the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. Other issues that can affect women in particular relate to the fear and avoidance to exercise due to issues with incontinence.

At Spring Physio Gym we have highly trained physiotherapists to help assess and manage these challenges and help get you exercising in a safe and effective way, without risking further damage to your pelvic floor.

Some common issues related to Women’s Health

How to get started?

We start with an initial assessment to determine your needs. From there we help you to get back on track with movement and exercise.

Real-time Ultrasound

At Spring we can provide a specialist consultation using our real time ultrasound unit. This machine can accurately visualise muscles like your pelvic floor and deep abdominals, via pictures taken through a sound head placed on your abdomen or pelvis (like when you see a baby in the womb).

It allows us to determine whether you are able to switch on the muscles and also to provide live feedback to help retrain recruitment if you are not.

ultrasound assessment

Who can benefit from the use of real-time ultrasound?

People with:

Women’s Health and Exercise services are available at Spring Physio Gym Malvern with Christine Verveen.

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