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Biomechanical Running Assessment

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Biomechanical Running Assessment
Biomechanical Running Assessment

Running and walking are repetitive, weight bearing activities that may place detrimental stress and strain on your body. 

Poor biomechanics (such as poor core stability, over striding, excessive heel strike) are important factors in both acute and overuse injuries. Careful analysis and specific training can facilitate an enormous difference in reducing risk of injury and improving mechanical efficiency (how force translates through your legs to the ground).

Biomechanical assessment means that we look at your technique performing an activity such as running or walking, and analyse the way forces act on your body.

Bio = related to the body and mechanics = study of physical forces.

At Spring Physio Gym we have trained physiotherapists who can analyse your running, walking and cycling technique. Through this process we can identify inefficiencies that may contribute to injury or sub maximal performance.

Who should have a biomechanical running assessment?

A comprehensive analysis of your cycling position is valuable for you if you:

How is the biomechanical running assessment done?

We will video record you running on a treadmill and from that analyse your technique.

You will be given a detailed explanation of the assessment, including how to make positive changes to your technique.

A graduated program consisting of specific exercises and drills will be developed. 

Together with your physiotherapist you will determine achievable goals, to improve your gait pattern thereby reducing stress on your body.

Biomechanical Running Assessments are available at
Spring Physio Gym Malvern with
Kate Dyball
and Elyse Bradbury.

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