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Hydrotherapy Classes and Individual Sessions

Water based therapy is a fantastic means of rehabilitation, using the warmth, buoyancy and gentle resistance of the water to improve mobility, strength and assist with pain relief.

It is suitable for people of all ages and is particularly beneficial to those who have challenges with exercising on land.  

Benefit of Hydrotherapy: 

hydrotherapy classes harold holt pool

Hydrotherapy can be useful for:

 Our Hydrotherapy Services:

All hydrotherapy appointments take place in the warm water pool at the Harold Holt Swim Centre.

Group Sessions

We have three group classes:

All clients require an individual appointment before joining a class to ensure suitability and familiarity with the pool environment.

Individual appointments:

A course of hydrotherapy can be recommended for recovery after various conditions, injuries or post-operatively. Some clients are seen for a few weeks to a few months before progressing back to the land environment or moving to a group class or independent programme. 

Some clients require ongoing one on one rehabilitation due to complex needs. We are happy to accommodate this where possible.

For those requiring an independent pool programme, we suggest booking in for an initial assessment as well as one or two follow up appointments to ensure competency with the programme before continuing on an independent basis.

Hydrotherapy appointments can be booked by calling Spring Physio Gym. (03) 9822 4002

Group Session 

Duration: 60 mins classes

When: We current run 3 group sessions.

Wednesday 2pm - beginner level

Wednesday 3pm - intermediate level

Monday 1pm - mixed level

Where: Harold Hold Swim Centre

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