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Move well with 776BC MOTION – Check them out at Spring Physio Gym

28 November 2017  |  By Cara Peake

Move well with 776BC MOTION – Check them out at Spring Physio Gym

776BC had a great chat to the Spring Physio team last week to update us on their latest product from the research lab – 776BC Motion range.

What is the 776BC motion range?

The 77BC team have simplified the invasive biomechanical testing and applied it to sports specific clothing. The lines represent key biomechanical points to help improve your technique and better your performance by providing instant visual feedback.

Is this just for elite athletes?

No, ALL athletes, ALL recreational exercises, ALL ages and ALL body types can gain benefit from this clothing technology. Essentially the better you move, the better your muscle activation and the reduction in injury risk and this is something we can all benefit from.

How can I improve my technique?

776BC have extrapolated the biomechanical principals of medical science and have used the same key bony landmarks and functional pivot points of movement.

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of our knees rolling in when we squat or one shoulder dropping when we are performing an upper body exercise. The visual cues from the clothing help us immediately recognise these movement disturbances.

In addition, the biomechanical landmarks provide coaches and personal trainers instant feedback about movement performance and can help to identify strength deficits in real time.

Where can I get it and how much?

The 776BC motion range is available online and will soon be stocked at Spring Physio Gym. Currently they have a range targeted to Pilates, Rowing, Athletics and Gym wear.

Despite the wealth of research behind the product the clothing is very competitively priced with quality sportswear.

So check them out at Spring Physio and get your Christmas stockings ready or online at

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