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Core Stability and Strength

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Core Stability and Strength
Core Stability and Strength

Physio-Supervised Classes

Core Stability and Strength classes are designed to rehabilitate and manage all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. 

Physiotherapists will design exercises specifically for you, aiming to improve movement by increasing the efficiency of your muscles. In other words, where weight training makes your muscles stronger by increasing the size of the muscle, core stability exercises increase your feeling of strength by making the muscles smarter! This way more of the fibers of your muscle are working at the same time. 

The result is that you feel stronger, move more smoothly and have less unnecessary muscle activity ‘blocking’ your movement. This is why after Core Stability exercises you feel increased flexibility.

What do the classes involve?

The classes involve training and recruiting your postural muscles more efficiently. At Spring Physio Gym Core Stability and Strength is taught 1:1 or in small classes, and involves floor and mat exercises. We use a range of equipment and methods including elements of clinical pilates.

You commence with two 1:1 sessions.

The first session involves your assessment, and the second constitutes a program design.

Your physiotherapist will take you through the basics of core stability and begin to build your program with you, in the gym. Please wear comfortable clothing to these sessions.

Incorporating Clinical Pilates methods

Clinical Pilates is a modification of the Pilates Method developed by Joseph Pilates. It involves focusing on coordination of control and recruitment of core muscles, movement of the limbs and breathing control. It involves exercises that range from moving the whole body to stabilising most of the body and carefully controlling the movement of a single joint. We use elements of Clinical Pilates method in our Core Stability and Strength Classes.

Core Stability and Strength exercise can involve mat exercise (no equipment required) or equipment based exercise (reformer bed, trapeze table, barrel).

Most equipment utilises springs to provide resistance to movement or challenge to control. This stimulation of the body moving against springs provides sensory stimulation, helping facilitate movement and providing challenge to control.

Clinical Pilates varies from traditional Pilates because it is taught by physiotherapists. As physiotherapists we can utilise the method and carefully select from the traditional exercises to create modifications and tailor the exercises to meet your needs. People with injury can greatly benefit from this form of exercise without risk of injury associated with movements that are unsafe.

Who is the Core Stability and Strength class designed for?

This class will be beneficial to those with:

Class Details

Duration: 60 minutes
When: Core Stability and Strength classes are held throughout the week
Where: Kooyong Physiotherapy Centre and Spring Physio Gym Malvern with our team of physiotherapists.

Classes Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book straight into a class?

No, you must start with an assessment with a physiotherapist.

After your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will design an exercise programme specifically for you.

The next appointment will be a one-on-one with your physio, discussing your programme in detail.

Should your physio think it appropriate, you will join a small class with others who will all be working on their individual goals, guided and supervised by physios.

Do I need a class or a one-on-one?

It depends. The factors that decide whether you will require a one-on-one or class format include:

Physical ability

If you require maximum supervision a therapist will be with you at all times in a one-on-one setting. 

More commonly, a small group setting provides adequate supervision once the program is designed and implemented by your physiotherapist. A class setting allows for a more cost effective way of receiving your physio-supervised exercise programme.

Group appropriateness and availability

With one-on-one care, the pathway to learning independent exercise can be quicker as more time is spent individually teaching and explaining the programme. For some people, this is the quickest and most effective way to learn how to become independent with your healthy life plan.

Social and motivational interactions in our group classes can inspire and build an encouraging environment for some people. For those that enjoy exercising with others, this can be an excellent stimulus for making changes in your life. 

It’s also great to see other people at all levels of physical function and fitness exercising, and making improvements.

One-on-one is suitable for:

  • People requiring maximum supervision.
  • Those wanting maximum input in the early stages to help speed up the road to independent exercise.
  • People who prefer a one-on-one environment over group exercise.

Groups are suitable for:

  • People safe enough to be in small groups to implement their programme.
  • People requiring slower and more supervised programme delivery for a longer period before becoming independent with exercise.
  • People preferring group exercise to engage with others to motivate and be motivated.

What do I wear to Physio Supervised Exercise Classes?

Please wear comfortable clothing for your work out. Those that have a cardio component to exercise are advised to bring a towel. Yoga pants, track pants or bike shorts are the best for workouts to ensure maximum movement and modesty.

How long do classes run for?

Classes run for approximately 60 minutes.

What classes are offered at Kooyong Physiotherapy Centre?

A small number of physio supervised core stability and strength classes are offered at Kooyong Physiotherapy Centre. Please speak with your physiotherapist about classes at our Kooyong site

What is your class cancellation policy?

We require notification of cancellation on the day prior to your scheduled class, otherwise a cancellation fee will be incurred.

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